III Workforce is an intelligent operation guidance solution, optimized for industrial applications. It accompanies with optical see-through smart glasses, and provides intuitive mixed reality guidance, remote expert instructions and interactive whiteboard functions. III Workforce can improve operating efficiency and reduce maintenance cost by at least 20%


  • Mixed Reality Guidance: Visual calibration technologies for supporting mixed reality guidance with precise overlapping of virtual scenes on real scenes.
  • Remote Expert Instruction: Real-time two-way communication for obtaining work instructions and operating support from remote experts.
  • Interactive Whiteboard: With rich media information and dynamic object tracking for providing clear and sufficient work guidance.
  • Automatic Recognition Navigation: Automatic recognition via smart glasses for activating on-demand guidance with hands-free interaction.

Dynamic Object Tracking

Dynamic object tracking can always keep the remote-specified marker on target, even the operator's field of view is changing continuously.

Mixed Reality Guidance

Precise visual calibration can overlap virtual content on real scenes and provide mixed reality guidance.


Factory Patrol & Inspection

To implement and record the steps of field inspection.To implement and record the steps of field inspection.

Repair & Maintenance

Remote experts or standard operating procedures help front-line workers pinpoint machine problems, and suitable solution guidance.


Assist staff in their implementation according to production procedures and record the working procedures of each individual. If there is a problem can be traced back to find out the cause.

Warehouse Inventory Management

According to the system guidance, enable staffs to find the fastest or most secure path to the object location. Meanwhile, allow to record and confirm the number of pickup and inventory.


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