Our product, Activity Intelligence, provides motion recognition and detection by applying Deep Learning (DL) techniques on Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). You can simply and efficiently develop smart wearable applications or services, such as VR game or rehabilitation, by using our product without machine learning expertise.


台灣泰拳察亞教育推廣交流協會與資策會系統所合作,透過智慧穿戴動作辨識技術,開發出全球第一個結合Apple Watch的泰拳察亞居家自我訓練應用App,下載由此去

Muay Chaiya APP

Body Movement and Gesture Recognition

Rehabilitation Demo


  • Recognizing various gestures continuously for better user experience in mobile VR games
  • Providing real-time motion-recognition feedback on mobile-device applications
  • Optimizing for Daydream view controller to enable stable and accurate recognition results
  • Enabling customizable motions for diferent applications

3 Steps to Make Your Wearables Smart

Activity Intelligence Toolkit

1. Motion Sensor Data Capturing

2. Model Training

3. Deployment


Motion recognition and analysis technologies

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